Year Planning

Year end planning-resized-600What is year planning all about?

Someone once said: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!

It is therefore imperative that we plan for the year / month / week and even day ahead otherwise we just move aimlessly from one moment to the next without any focus, goal or objective.

Planning involves careful and purposeful thought about the objectives and purposes of your actions and is most effective when others are involved who can assist and provide additional objective feedback and input.

Why do I need to plan my whole year?

Planning your year ahead assists you to organise your objectives into your overall plan for the year. Your year plan can provide you with an overview of what you anticipate achieving for that year as it helps to understand the "big picture".

How do I go about compiling a year plan?

A template has already been provided for you under the Downloads section of this website: KISS Register

Open the Microsoft Excel workbook KISS Register and select the Year Plan & Workscheme link to direct you to the calendar plan.